[zig&zag] Eddie

[zig&zag] Eddie is the quirky and absentminded one of the Eddie bunch. With a longer and leaner physique, he knows he stands out from the group but loves the attention anyways! His filaments run in a zig-zag pathway but though each stretch of LED filament is shorter, all filaments combined pack a mean 480 lumens.
His unique character is perfect to add a little personality to your space without compromising on your lighting needs. Though absentminded, [zig&zag] Eddie will not let you down when it comes to doing what he does best – lighting up your space with an estimated lifetime of 20 000 hours. Brilliant white light or a warm glow can be achieved through his dimmable features and he can be found in 2 varieties: clear or amber tinted glass.


  • T30 LED Filament Bulb
  • lifetime: 20 000 hours
  • E26 fitting
  • dimmable (compatible with most dimmers)
  • glass color: clear & amber
  • 6 watts
  • 480 lumens (clear glass) / 460 lumens (amber glass)
  • 40 W incandescent lightbulb equivalence
  • colour temperature: 2200 K
  • 120 V
  • 2 year warranty
  • Estimated Yearly Energy Cost: $0.72*
  • Savings: $74.80 per bulb**

*Based on 3 hrs/day, 11₵/kWh
** At $0.11 per kWh, one 6W [zig&zag] Eddie uses $13.20 of electricity over its 20,000 hour life. This represents a $74.80/bulb or 85% savings when compared to the $88 required to run one 40W incandescent bulb over the same period of time. Actual savings may vary based on time.

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